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Animal Research Project Package

The differentiated report writing templates you need to help your students write AWESOME animal reports!

Effortlessly guide your students through the report writing process. Materials are straight forward and ready-to-use.

This package is for YOU if ...

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    You teach in a regular Grade 1, 2, or 3 classroom and want your students to successfully write an animal report.
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    You're looking for activities to use as enrichment for students who need to be challenged.
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    You want activities for early finishers that align with curriculum outcomes or standards.
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    You have students who need additional supports to be successful.

Check out what's included in your resource!

3 Jot Note Options

There are three different templates that you can use with your students to gather jot notes. Choose the template that best meets the individual needs of each student. Print the jot note templates on 11 x 17" paper to give your students lots of room to print their research findings.

3 Different Draft Templates

There are a number of different draft templates in the animal report package. Think about your students and choose the template that best fits with each student's learning needs. Draft templates are provided with both primary lines and regular lines.

3 Final Template Options With Cover and Table of Contents

Provide students with templates for their final report. Three different final report templates are found in this package. A cover page and table of contents are also provided.

Self, Peer, and Teacher Assessments and Rubrics

Self, peer and teacher assessments, along with two different rubrics are provided so you can collect data about student learning and allow students to set goals to improve future projects. One assessment uses a four point scale and the other assessment uses happy faces.

Report Writing Steps - Posters and Bookmarks

Hang up the colorful posters as a reference for students as they work through the report writing process. Posters are also available in black and white and in a bookmark format. Choose the option that works best for you!

Word Bank and Editing Checklists

As an added bonus, a word bank is included in this resource so students can refer to it as they write their animal reports. A set of animal editing checklist bookmarks is also provided. There are 5 different bookmarks to meet the needs of ALL the students in your class.

Make Animal Report writing easy! Grab your resource TODAY!

A great way for students to:

  • write an animal report.
  • practice their research skills.
  • master the report writing process.
  • create projects they can be proud of.
  • build self-confidence as they work through the 7 steps.

What Other Educators Are Saying:


"I cannot even put into words how great this product was for my reluctant writers! It was magical to see their finished products and so proud to do their speeches! A+++++++++++” - Tari J.

"An absolutely awesome resource with everything included. Allowed me to pick and choose what I wanted to use. Thanks for your hard work. Highly recommend.” - Karen A. H.

"One of the biggest selling points of this resource to me was that it was set up in multi-levels. I have a large population of ELL students in two of the schools I work at, and having the different levels of the report forms make research much easier! Thank you so much!!!” - Ellen D.

"This was perfect to meet the different need of my students. We love using the templates for research and writing!"  - Suzanne S.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are all the materials I need included in this resource?

Do the materials allow for differentiation?

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