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I remember the day.

I opened my year plan … my heart began to race … I bit my nails as visions of classroom chaos filled my head.

I felt sick as I stared down at that one word … that one simple word:


Maybe I had the flu. Maybe I would need a sub tomorrow.

That Was Me Years Ago

That was me when I first began to use the inquiry process.

I knew I needed to introduce it to my kids. I didn’t know where to start.

So I opened my laptop and began to check out websites on the internet. Did Pinterest even exist back then?

I searched for information. I read blog posts. A vision of the inquiry process would not form in my mind.

I made myself a cup of tea and continued to search.

I jotted down ideas. I decided I needed a break so went for a stroll around the block.

Feeling refreshed, I reread my notes and FINALLY came up with a workable plan.

Fast Forward to Today

Today I use inquiry on a regular basis. I no longer need to spend time I don’t have to search and plan my inquiry lessons. Now, I put my feet up on my desk and enjoy a nice cup of tea as I look forward to the inquiry projects my students will come up with.

How did I go from chaos to taking time to enjoy my cup of tea?

Simple! It’s called the Inquiry Planning Guide.

I needed a system to teach inquiry.

The planning guide is result of all the research, trial-and-error, and need to perfect how I used inquiry in my classroom. Okay. Maybe not total perfection but close!

What is Inquiry?

To me, inquiry means to ask questions and find answers.

Why Teach the Inquiry Process?

If kids can ask questions and know how to discover answers, they will be more successful in school.

And later in life.

Easily Plan Your Inquiry Lesson

Teaching inquiry can be EASY!

It’s all in how you plan!

You have three choices …

  1. Spend HOURS on the internet as you scour for great ideas and strategies on how to teach it.
  2. Use trial-and-error and teach MANY LESSONS to figure out how to use it with your students.
  3. Save TIME as you plan with this handy-dandy Inquiry Planning Guide (make into clickable link to opt-in page)!

I want to save your nails and give you time to enjoy a steaming hot cup of tea. Or beverage of your choice. So I decided to share the planning guide I created.

Use this guide to plan inquiry projects that your students will love to complete and be proud to show off!

Your Handy-Dandy Inquiry Planning Guide

The guide focuses on seven areas. Here are a couple questions to think about in each area. For the complete guide, CLICK HERE to get your copy! 

Determine Inquiry Questions

  • How will I get my students to generate their inquiry questions?
  • Will students keep an inquiry notebook of questions they would like to research

Research Questions

  • Will students each research their own questions or work with a partner or in a small group?
  • If students work with a partner or small group, will they focus on the same questions or will each student research their own questions but support each other with the process?

Provide Sources of Information

  • What sources will the students use to find their information?
  • How many sources do I want students to use?

Gather Information

  • How will students record the information they find?
  • Do I want my students to use the writing process or just turn in their findings?

Share Learning

  • How will my students share their findings?
  • What materials/templates/graphic organizers do I need?

Assess Learning

  • Will I assess this inquiry project?
  • Do I want students to do self and peer assessments?

Now don’t get scared off by the number of questions. I’ve tried to include every possibility and every option so once you have gone through the guide, your plan will be complete.

You can then sit back and watch your students rock the inquiry process. Yay!

Ready for that cup of tea?


Want even more info? CLICK HERE to check out this Edutopia article.

I can’t wait to hear how it went!  Be sure to come back and share in the comments below.

Until next time,

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Join my FREE growing library of WRITING resources!

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Join my FREE growing library of WRITING resources!

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Join my FREE growing library of WRITING resources!

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Join my FREE growing library of WRITING resources!

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